Invoice Processing


3 working steps to our Invoice

Processing Service

Invoice Received

We receive your invoices once they are uploaded to our secure FTP server and check data accuracy. We support multiple file formats including XML, so our clients never face an issue. You can even send in the invoices as email attachments.

Invoice Processing

Invoices are separated based on their complexity, and our quality control procedure ensures that in case of any doubt, the invoices are checked and verified for accuracy after taking suggestions from you.

Invoice Sent

Invoices are imported into an accounts payable system of our own choice, and in a format you are comfortable with. The whole process is extremely streamlined and secure so as to ensure guaranteed delivery before due time.

If not kept under control, the manual nature of invoice processing can have a major negative influence on a company's bottom line. Every year, businesses spend hundreds of dollars only to fix processing errors, manage vendor inquiries, and match orders with purchases. Our services not only assist you in avoiding such issues, but also provide greater quality and absolute correctness when processing bills.

Our Invoicing processing Services Include


Data Validation


Matching POs to Invoices






Log transactions

Making electronic invoices & receipts

Assistance by Chat & Email

Dashboard monitoring for approval

Examine Cash flow




Obtain information from line items and headers

Scan paper invoices

Generate PO receipts