Accounts Receivables

4 step simple & effective process

An efficient Accounts receivable process helps management in monitoring as well as collection of payments on time which will eventually help in the reduction of working capital cycle and in turn reducing the cost of funds. In addition, the Management may also get insights on their own business issues like invoicing errors, delayed collections due to service issues and many other aspects.

We at Benchmark ensure the simple process stays simple and effective for us and more importantly for you as our valuable partners. At every step of the way our team ensures to make the process hassle-free so that you can focus on your core business.


First part of the process is to establish the credit practice and have the customer account and master creation

Kick Start


If you have an invoicing system in place, our specialists will utilize that; if not, we'll bring in the systems we love and trust


Ensure timely processing of payments into bank accounts and provide necessary details for reconciliation

Reconciling & Reporting

Timely reporting of collections, overdues, deductions, invoice errors, disputes to ensure appropriate action can be taken

Accounts Payable

4 step simple & effective process

We can take full control of your accounts payable function right from the root level, automate it to avoid human intervention and make the cumbersome process error free. We take access and accountability of your accounts inbox, escalate urgent matters for prompt actioning and even reply to supplier payable queries.

Not only reconciling the supplier statements, we issue weekly aged payable listings so you know who to pay, how much and when to pay! On your go ahead, we set up the batch payment on your banking website for you to review and authorize!


We integrate with purchase department to get requisition details and raise a PO ensuring compliance with your company policies

Requisition and Purchase order

Receipt, Verification

GRN is prepared upon successful receipt of goods and verify them against the PO and process the invoice based on inputs from your Quality check team

Payment Release and Accounting

Upon successful verification from Purchase department, Invoice is then put into books of accounts and payment is released upon agreement with the management


Once the release order is issued the Finance Department issues the payment to the vendor